20 Best Earth Day Deals: Technology, E-Bikes & Cleaning Supplies

Every year Earth Day is a reminder of the importance of taking care of our planet. But it shouldn’t be something we think about for just one day. The WIRED Gear team tests eco-friendly gear all year round, and thankfully some of our favorites are discounted to celebrate our blue marble. Only buy if you really need it, but there are many items here that are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional products, such as reusable bags to dispose of single-use plastic, and biodegradable cleaning products.

Be sure to check out our Earth Day buying guides, including the best recycled products, the best bags made from recycled materials, and the best reusable water bottles.

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Household and Health Deals

Birch Organic Mattress

Photo: Berk

Mattresses are on sale all the time, but Birch makes one of our favorite beds in a box. This deal includes two free pillows. The hybrid construction and individually wrapped coils make the mattress comfortable for most sleeping positions.

Use coupon code EarthDay to save on our favorite organic mattress for kids. This affordable hybrid mattress is made from natural materials that are better for the environment. If your kids are jumping on the bed all the time, consider jumping for the optional two-sided upgrade – this will help extend the life of the mattress.

This bundle is our top pick for solutions in our guide to the best durable cleaning supplies. The products smell great and work well. Simply toss the glass refills into the included bottles and mix with water to make counter cleaners, glass, granite and more. Investing in such a refillable system can save you money in the long run, but it also reduces the number of bottles you throw away.

Marley’s Monsters Unpaper Towels

Photo: JESS DADDIO/Marley’s Monsters

Use coupon code EARTHLOVE2022 at checkout. Paper towel alternatives aren’t always great, but these flannel sheets stick together, so you can roll them up just like you would disposable paper versions. They are absorbent and machine washable, and the fun prints will brighten up your kitchen while reducing paper waste.

Use code PLANET to get a fourth dishcloth for free. Also recommended in our sustainable cleaning products guide, these fun dishcloths are a biodegradable alternative to sponges. You can wash them in the dishwasher to keep them fresh for months.

Use the code EARTHMONTH to save 30 percent sitewide. We really like these detergent pods. They smell nice without being overpowering, and they are safe for use in high-efficiency (HE) machines. The plant-based ingredients, compostable packaging and CO2-neutral shipping are the icing on the cake.

bee wrap

Photo: Bee’s Wrap

We mention this in our Best Reusable Products guide as a good alternative to plastic cling film. A set of these washable, waterproof wraps is made from organic cotton and sustainably sourced beeswax and will last a year, or longer with extra care.

WIRED employees swear by these silicone bags as an alternative to disposable and plastic ziplock bags. The discount will be applied automatically during checkout. The now $70 starter kit is a good place to start, but every product Stasher makes is for sale. The reusable bags are easy to reseal and easier to clean.

Another notable reusable product, this bento box is made from plant-based materials that are both durable and lightweight. While they’re great for lunches, they’re also handy to have on hand for preparing meals and storing leftovers. The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Intimina Lily menstrual cup

Photo: Intimina

Menstrual cups are better for the planet than disposable tampons or pads. This is our top pick. While it’s usually quite affordable, if you’ve been curious, now is a great time to try switching over. The thin construction and flexible design make this cup a great, non-intimidating option for beginners.

Use code EARTHMONTH to see the discount at checkout. GladRags are highlighted in our Best Menstrual Products guide as the top choice for pad users. Washable cloth pads may seem a bit odd, but they’re much better for the planet and your wallet than disposable versions.

Offers for technical and outdoor equipment

Nimble Apollo wireless charger

Photo: Nimble

The Nimble wireless charger is one of our top picks. It’s made from recycled silicone and other post-consumer materials, and the packaging is plastic-free. This mat is compatible with Android phones and iPhones – it even has built-in magnets so iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 devices won’t slip off.

A smart thermostat ensures that you do not waste energy or money. This smartly adjusts the temperature of your home, for example by turning the heating down at night when everyone is asleep, or by running central air at lower speeds when no one is home (or turning it off). Your energy supplier may have a discount available to help you save even more. Be sure to check out our guide to setting up a Nest thermostat for more information.

Woot, owned by Amazon, is holding a big sale on refurbished Amazon devices. These are fairly often offered for sale brand new, but buying refurbished is a great way to save some money and give equipment a second life. Some gadgets are older generations and the warranty is limited to 90 days, but all have been tested to ensure they work as intended. Amazon Prime members get free shipping. Read our Best Alexa Speakers guide to learn more about some of the products.

Propella 7S Electric Bike

Photo: Propella

Get up to $200 off and free shipping until this sale ends May 1. The Propella 7-speed (8/10, WIRED recommended) is the “Best Cheap Ebike” in our guide, and we also tried and liked the Propella Mini.

We’ve dedicated a separate story to the price drops for some of our favorite Rad Power Bikes e-bikes. The deals are still running for a few days. E-bikes are better for the environment than many other modes of transportation, but they can be expensive. This is a good opportunity to save if you are in the market.

This is our favorite large thermos in our guide to the best reusable water bottles. The insulation keeps both hot and cold drinks at their ideal temperatures for longer, and the wide opening makes cleaning easier, so you won’t be tempted to return to disposable plastic cups.

Klean Kanteen recycled steel bottle

Photo: Klean Kanteen

Use coupon code EARTH25 to save 25 percent sitewide at Klean Kanteen. The sale includes this recycled steel bottle, one of our favorite upcycled products. The bottle is dishwasher safe and comes in a few bright, fun colors.

The EARTHDAY22 coupon should automatically apply at checkout. We think there are better reusable water bottles on the market, but S’well is popular, and this sale will save you some money — about $9 off most best-selling models. They can be a pain to wear, but the eye-catching designs can be a trade-off worth considering. The deal will be applied automatically during checkout.

This recycled polyester bag is beautiful and versatile. We’ve included it in our list of the best upcycled and recycled products. The water-repellent coating keeps the contents dry and there are enough compartments to store all your belongings.

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