3 Things To Do When You Phone Crashes

A cell phone crashing can become a problem in everyday life. In some cases, tasks that would be simple take much longer because we are unable to use the device usually. If you don’t plan on switching phones anytime soon, you need quick solutions that improve your phone usage. Following our instructions, your device should be”lighter,” making it much easier to use. Check out:

Close Apps When You’re Done Using Them

With the large volume of everyday tasks, we end up opening one app after another and forgetting to close them. This makes RAM more demanding, in addition to spending more on cell phone batteries. Therefore, closing programs that are no longer being used helps not to have a cell phone such as iPhone 13 Pro Max from crashing all the time.

See Which Apps Are Priority

Some apps are downloaded on impulse or out of a momentary need. But after that, many end up being forgotten in the last pages, and we don’t even remember why they are there. But no matter how small, they can take up space in the device’s memory, causing it to become overloaded.

To check the complete list of your apps, go to Settings/Settings and look for the Apps option. There you should find all the downloaded ones, and you can even open them one by one to decide which ones to continue and which to delete.

Put Your Photos On A Cloud

You can already see that the number of photos on the cell phone makes all the difference in its performance, right? That’s because a device crashing can be a sign of a complete memory that demands more from the processor.

We have an entire post dedicated to virtual clouds. By placing the photos there, you prevent them from taking up space directly on your device. They are stored in an online file, which can be accessed from anywhere as long as you know the password. It is also a great option to not worry about losing your images.