4 Tips To Know When To Service Your Car

Ever heard the phrase “prevention is the best medicine”? Well, it is valid when we talk about the car. That’s because most drivers leave to seek mechanical assistance when the vehicle already has a problem. However, caution is the best way to prolong the life of parts and be safe when driving. In addition, scheduling periodic inspections on your car is also a guarantee of savings for you, the driver. After all, fixing a problem is much more expensive than preventing it from appearing. Since taking the vehicle such as slide car Rangsit (รถสไลด์รังสิต which is the term in Thai) for example for routine maintenance is cheaper than arriving at the workshop with the system in failure. So, how do you know when is the right time to take your car to the workshop? We have separated these tips that will help you a lot. Check it out:

1 – Look For Information In The Owner’s Manual

In the document, you will find data on the period of overhauling each system or part of the vehicle according to the car manufacturer itself. This period determined in the manual is based on the automaker’s manufacturing processes and tests. In this way, it is possible to stipulate the useful life of each part. Whenever the period ends, maintenance or replacement of these systems and parts must be scheduled.

2 – Don’t Forget The Mandatory Reviews

If your car is new, it’s probably still under warranty. Thus, you need to check the schedule of mandatory revisions stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer. These services are carried out at the dealership where you bought the car or at authorized workshops. If the driver wants to, he can take the car to another workshop, but he risks losing the factory warranty.

3 – Stipulate A Calendar According To The Mileage Achieved

Many drivers set approximate kilometers to perform the next vehicle maintenance. Generally, the manual and the mechanics indicate that the owner performs the revisions every 10 thousand kilometers. It is worth remembering that the higher the mileage of your car, the more complex the maintenance becomes. That’s because a more run car requires special attention at the review time. If you don’t usually drive your car a lot, make it a habit to visit the mechanic every 6 months, for example. Even vehicles stopped for long periods have specific problems and need periodic maintenance.

4 – Look For A Mechanic Before Traveling

Even if your last service was recent, if you’re going to hit the road to travel, consult a mechanic first. Make sure everything is in perfect condition for the trip. Remember: not all highways have adequate infrastructure for breakdowns or mechanical problems. So, check out some basics before you hit the road.