800-Truckwreck – The Solution to Truck Accidents

Every year, thousands of people are injured or killed in accidents involving large trucks. In fact, according to the most recent data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 4,761 large trucks involved in fatal accidents in the United States in 2017 alone. 

While many of these accidents are caused by factors that are out of the truck driver’s control—such as weather conditions or the actions of other drivers—there are a number of things that truckers can do to help minimize the risk of an accident and keep themselves and others safe on the road. Here are just a few tips from the team at 800-TruckWreck: 

Inspect Your Truck Before Every Trip

Before you head out on the open road, it’s important to take a few minutes to inspect your truck to make sure that everything is in proper working order. This includes checking your tires, brakes, mirrors, lights, and signals. Not only will this help prevent an accident caused by mechanical failure, but it will also help you avoid being pulled over for a citation. 

Get Plenty of Rest before Hitting the Road

It’s no secret that driving when you’re tired is dangerous. drowsy driving is a major contributing factor in thousands of accidents every year. If you’re feeling sleepy, pull over at the next rest stop and take a nap or grab a cup of coffee to help wake yourself up. It’s better to arrive late than not at all. 

Avoid Distractions While Driving

Texting, talking on the phone, changing the radio station—all of these things can take your attention off of the task at hand and increase your chances of being involved in an accident. If you need to do any of these things while on the road, pull over first. 


By following these simple tips, you can help ensure a safe trip every time you hit the road. 800-truckwreck is here to help if you find yourself involved in an accident involving a large truck. We have years of experience handling these types of cases and will work tirelessly to get you the compensation you deserve.