9 things to pack for your next trip to Disney World

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Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world, but planning a trip to the most magical place on earth is a lot of work. With these nine things you won’t want to forget to pack, we’ll help you cross some things off your vacation planning list.

Every year millions of people flock to Orlando to visit Walt Disney World. Whether you’re looking forward to the inventive rides, character interactions, or just a little magic, having these essentials on hand can greatly enhance your journey.


Two people wearing ponchosFrogg Toggs

Orlando has a humid, subtropical climate. This means that no matter what time of year you visit, chances are you’ll run into some rain. It usually only lasts for short periods, but it’s not uncommon to see the streets of Disney World drenched in an afternoon thunderstorm.

Reusable ponchos are guaranteed to come in handy at some point in your trip. You can put them on to stay dry during an unexpected rain shower or at water attractions like Splash Mountain and Kali River Rapids. No matter how hot it is outside, you’ll be thankful if you don’t have to deal with soggy shoes and socks all day.

A backpack

A man carries a backpacktzowla

Unlike many theme parks, backpacks are allowed on all Disney World attractions, as long as they fit in the seat. Some rides require you to place all individual items on a platform near the ride. However, you never need to put your belongings in a locker as long as you can carry them with you.

You want at least one sturdy backpack for your fam or group to carry everything you need for the day. Just be sure to leave some room for all the souvenirs you will inevitably buy.

A portable charger

A portable chargeranchor

While you’re at Disney World, you’ll probably want to use the My Disney Experience app to get the most out of your trip. You’ll need it to view ride times, order food, scan your park tickets, and much more. Relying on an app means spending a lot of time on your phone all day, inevitably draining the battery.

Before lunch, you are not stuck with a dead battery. Make sure at least one member of your party has a portable charger to charge your phone when the battery starts to run low.

Travel sickness medication

Two boxes of motion sickness medicine BonineBonine

Nothing ruins a ride like a serious bout of motion sickness. If you are prone to nausea, you should be prepared to get some nausea during your vacation.

To always be prepared, pack some motion sickness medication just in case. These chewable tablets prevent motion sickness symptoms for up to 24 hours, which is enough time to get through even the longest Disney day.

electrolyte powder

Liquid IV electrolyte powder.Liquid IV

It is not uncommon to spend 12 hours or more in the parks every day of your trip. While you won’t have a problem finding bathrooms, staying hydrated isn’t always easy when you’re out in the Florida sun for so long.

One way to combat dehydration is to add some electrolyte powder to your water once or twice a day. Just pop it in your backpack so you can quickly add some to everyone’s water bottle, especially during the hot afternoon. in the afternoon. They help you avoid symptoms of dehydration, such as headaches and fatigue.

disinfectant wipes

Three packs of Clorox wipesClorox

Avoiding germs has become a regular part of life. Whether you’re going to Disney World next month or five years from now, staying as germ-free as possible is a top priority when visiting the parks.

Between railings, door handles, seats and row bars and seats are many surfaces in Disney World, which are touched by thousands of people every day. While you should also bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you, sanitizing wipes are another item you don’t want to forget.

Use them to wipe dirty tables, clean sticky fingers and keep germs off large surfaces during the day.

Blister plasters

A box of blister plastersBand Aid

Walking non-stop for days is sure to give one person in your party a blister. Like motion sickness or dehydration, a painful blister can quickly ruin your day.

If you feel one coming on, immediately put a cushioned bandage on the area. This will prevent your shoe from rubbing the affected area and should also prevent a blister from popping and becoming even more painful.

Cooling towels

A pack of cooling towels and someone carries them and a backpackYQXCC

While there are plenty of air-conditioned shops and restaurants where you can cool off at Disney World, you won’t get much relief from queuing for hours at attractions.

Cooling towels are a Disney World insider’s secret. Just wet it, wring it out and drape it over the back of your neck for instant relief. The towel should stay cool for up to three hours, even if you don’t add more water. They are a real lifesaver on long, hot days.

An insulated water bottle

An insulated water bottleHYDRO CELL

That Orlando heat will heat up your water in just a few hours. Who wants to drink warm water on a hot, sticky day? Unfortunately, you only get this far if your water bottle is baking in the sun.

An easy way to solve this problem is to take an insulated water bottle with you when you travel. It keeps your water cold for up to 24 hours, even when it’s sweltering hot outside. Just fill it with ice before leaving your hotel and you’ll have a refreshing drink all day long.

Disney World is a popular vacation destination, but only if you’re prepared for the huge crowds, long lines, and high costs. Whether you spend all day in the parks or enjoy other activities, packing these essentials can make your trip that much more enjoyable.

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