Alva Jay : Stylist Youtube Model and Instagram Star

Alva Jay

Alva Jay was born on 19 May 1993. She is a twenty seven year old American-Mexican instagram star, Youtuber, stylist and internet personality. Her parents are from the American-Mexican race group. Alva resides in Southern California in the United States of America. She mostly refers to herself as a Fashionista. Alva has become more popular online with her weight loss videos. You will find her sizzling hot photos on her Youtube. Youtube is the platform that has made her to be known all over the world. In the channel, she focuses more on beauty related content. There are several videos on fashion, fitness, lifestyle and makeup. alva jay

Early life 

When it comes to her early life, she is secretive because she has not divulged about it on the public domain. Even when she was young she was known to be shy and most of her peers never liked her. However, it is alleged that after she met her boyfriend Ruben, who helped her to build her self-confidence and esteem. He also made her like her body and motivated her to hit the gym. On matters education, she decided to focus on her online career, so she never joined college. She also works at her father’s jewelry store as a designer.

There is less information regarding her life before she became an internet sensation. She is yet to share details of her childhood, education or her family. However, it is known that she got strong interest in the beauty field at a young age. She had the urge to improve herself in several other ways. This is what motivated her to start sharing her passion on Youtube with the hope that she would find a career doing so. 

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Personal life 

Regarding her personal life, Alva Jay is married to Ruben Hernandez. As per some of her fans, she was a strong religious girl, which made a lot of people get confused when she indulged into the adult content industry. With the shift of the content she provides online, a large number of her fans have been alienated. Ruben her spouse keeps all her social media accounts private. She shares a lot of photos with him with the hashtag couple goals online.


Weight and height 

She is around fifty five kilograms and has a height of five feet, and seven inches.


How wealthy is Alva Jay? This is the question many people would like to know due to her popularity online. As of 2019, it is estimated to be over five hundred thousand dollars. This is the amount earned through her many ventures. With her online fame, she has managed to get a lot of other opportunities including sponsorships, collaborations and many more deals. As she moves on with her career, there are high expectations that her net wealth will continue to rise. 

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Her Youtube career 

With the passion Alva developed since she was young, she began her Youtube career in 2016. She started her journey by developing several make-up videos, which changed into other kinds of beauty related content. Alva did a lot of reviews of the major makeup brands and also created videos on some of the top beauty products. On her YouTube channel, she narrated her skin care routine. With high level consistency, she gained a high number of subscribers despite that at the beginning she had issues with her weight. She also found it worth sharing her weight loss journey with her youtube followers. This made many people believe her since she was giving her success story as a witness. 

She attained high level success, and this made her attain a model like body. From then, she has been developing Youtube videos on fashion as she tries many products that she gets from some of the most popular brands. One of her top videos is when she tried several outfits from Fashion Nova. With her body development, a lot of people began to recognise her appealing features. This made her attract a lot of subscribers and fans in her numerous social media platforms. Alva has also attracted a lot of people with her content wearing various bikinis from top outlets such as savage X Fenty and Forever 21.

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Adult content 

Besides her massive presence on Youtube, Alva has a rich presence in other social media platforms. She has a large following on her instagram. This is one of the most popular social media platforms around the world with more than half a billion active users daily. With its video and photo sharing features, Alva took that advantage to share her content. With the change of her body appearance, she took that advantage to share her videos and photos on instagram. Besides, with the appealing body, she also began to post adult related content targeting men. She created her own website and snapchat where she shared adult material with her subscribers. Her website is popular among fans of the adult entertainment industry. 

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Facebook, instagram, twitter presence 

Like most of the other popular YouTubers, Alva is very active through different social media accounts. Despite that her instagram account was brought down because of violating some of the codes, her secondary account has more than sixty five thousand followers. Her Youtube account has more than two hundred and sixty thousand subscribers. She has not been active on her twitter account since 2012 since she focuses more on subscribers on her personal website. Alva is also active on facebook where she also has a huge following. Most of her followers on her social media accounts are those who like adult content, fashion enthusiasts and also those who are striving to attain a model body shape like hers. 

Interests and hobbies 

Alva Jay is a fan of movies and spends most of the nights laying on her pajamas with husband watching movies. Her favorite actress is Jennifer Aniston, while favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr. In addition, she enjoys traveling with her favorite travel destination being Paris, France. Shopping and exercising are also part of her interests. 

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