Adobe Acrobat App can be used to create PDF files which are formats of documents which permit a read only setting (that is editing is not permitted on the format).

Use of the combine files tool

The combine file tool which is found on the Adobe Acrobat App can be used to create merged PDF documents. It is able to merge different formats such as Excel spreadsheet, word Document, PowerPoint presentation, images, video or audio files into one single PDF file. It is also capable of merging existing PDF files into one single file.

The app permits the user to preview and organize the documents before creation of the field. Thus, the user can deleted unwanted parts of the documents before merging them. Each page can be moved from its original position to desired position for better organization.

Once the user is done with the organization, Adobe then combines the pages of different documents into pages of a single document.


  • Go to the Adobe Acrobat App, then choose the Tools icon, then click on Combine Files. Once this is done the combine files interface comes up at the toolbar at the top of the screen.
  • Files or documents intended for merge can be dragged to the combine files interface. Otherwise, the add option can be clicked to add any desired file, document, image, or folder.
  • For the step indicated above, if non PDF files are added to the Combine Files interface, they are not added.
  • Once files you intend to merge are added to the Combine Files interface, adjustments can then be made to the files.

Adjustments such as:

  • Pages can be rearranged. This can be done via the thumbnail view, you select the file or page you intend to move then you drag it to the position you’d like. As you drag the selected file or page, a blue bar moves up and down indicating the present position.
  • You can preview pages in the thumbnail view. All you have to do is hover over the page, then click on the zoom thumbnail to zoom into the page.
  • Pages can be expanded or collapsed. This is also down via the thumbnail view. You hover over the page you want to expand, then click on the expand pages thumbnail. Once you’ve expanded the pages, you can easily move the pages and files amongst each other. You can then reduce the pages by clicking on the collapse document thumbnail after hovering on the first page.
  • Pages can also be deleted via the thumbnail view. You hover over the page you intend to delete, then click on the delete thumbnail.

After the necessary adjustments are completed, you complete the conversion step.

  • Select Options and choose your desired size for the converted file. Different file size can be chosen based on the user’s choice. You could decide to use the default, smaller or larger file size.
  • In the same Options box, check for other settings, and then click ok.
  • After everything has been indicated, click on Combine to merge pdf.