Crop an image to a shape in Google Slides

Google Slides image cropped to shape

Not every image in your slideshow has to be a regular rectangle or square. You may want to spice up the presentation by shaping your photo. You can easily crop an image to a shape in Google Slides.

You may even have the reverse situation. You may have shapes in your slideshow that you want to spice up. You can use images as fills for shapes such as circles, arrows, hearts, and stars.

It all starts with cropping an image to fit the desired shape.

Crop an image to a shape

The first step is to insert your image into your Google Slides presentation if you haven’t already done so. Choose the slide you want to work with, go to the Insert menu and go to Image. Select a location to upload the image and place it on your slide.

Insert image locations in Google Slides

If your image is larger than the slide, you can resize it first if you wish by dragging a corner or edge. But since you will be trimming it into a shape, this may not be necessary depending on the dimensions.

Make sure your image is selected and select the arrow next to the Crop button in the toolbar. You will see four categories: Shapes, Arrows, Callouts, and Equation.

Move your cursor to the desired category and select a shape from the pop-out menu.

Cutting Shape Selections

And just like that, you cropped your image to fit that shape!

Image cropped to cloud shape

Formatting the image shape

Just like any other photo or picture you add to your slideshow, you can format the shape of the picture. Select it and click “Format Options” in the toolbar or Format > Format Options in the menu.

This opens a sidebar with tools for size and rotation, position, drop shadow, and more.

Image Shape Format Options

You can also still resize the image by dragging a corner or edge.

Drag to reshape the image

For more help, check out our tutorial for editing images in Google Slides. And for more ways to work with images in your presentation, see how to wrap text around images or how to make an image transparent in Google Slides.

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