ElectronBot: a sweet mini desktop robot that meets all requirements

[Peng Zhihui] seems to have found some spare time and energy to build another fun robot, this time it’s a much smaller and cuter emoji bot (Original GitHub Link,) with the usual production-ready levels of attention to detail. With lots of fine detail in the 3D printed models, this is one for SLS printing in nylon, but it can be done at a reasonable price, at least in China. The electronics package consists of a pair of fully customized and small PCBs designed with Altium Designer, with ready-made modules for the round LCD screen and the camera. The motherboard houses an STM32F405 and handles the display and SD card. The reason for choosing STM32 was due to the requirement to connect to an external USB3300 high-speed USB PHY. There is a sensor circuit board that handles the motion sensor, a USB hub, MPU6050 9-axis sensor and also the USB camera module. This board attaches to the USB-C connector in the base via an FFC cable, allowing the robot to pivot on its base.

Cunning shoulder mechanism with two servos

[Peng] clearly has exacting standards about how things should work, and we suppose we wanted the arms back-powered in a way that allowed the host computer to track and record the motor positions for replay later. The connection back to the controller is via I2C, allowing all five servos to hang on the same bus, saving previous resources. Smart! Getting a processor and motor driver in such a small space was a bit of a challenge, but a walk in the park for [Peng] as shown in the video below (we think english subtitles are pending!) The arm mechanism is very interesting and rather elegantly executed, and he seems quite proud of this part of the design, and he should be! like with [Peng’s] other projects, there is a lot to see and there is a lot of room for an explosion of functions. It was nice to see the ‘bot being used as an input device, not only with motion detection via the dedicated sensor, but also using the camera with OpenCV to track the user’s posture and act accordingly. This thing could act as a really useful AI device, and a damn cute creature at the same time!

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