Mangatown is one of the platforms where you got a lot of chances where you can be able to watch some of the best manga that you have even never heard of before.  The platform offers some of the hottest manga free online. What this means is that you can watch your favorite manga from your favorite authors online without having to subscribe or registering on the site. This is a great way to attract more users since most of the other similar sites require one to make a subscription to watch their favorite manga. When you go to mangatown, you will come across more than fifteen thousands manga series that are all interesting to read for audience of all ages. 

When you visit manga town, you are lucky since the manga are presented in various languages, so you will find the ones presented in a language you understand. However, you will find that most of the manga are presented in English and Japanese, but you also find other languages well-presented so you will not miss to get the one that you can understand effectively. Some of the best manga you will find here include fairy tail, Naruto, dragon ball, Nesekoi, Noblese, one piece, bleach, Ao no exorcist and many others. 

Another thing you will find is that despite that it might be hard to load a lot of pages all at once; it is easy to get the page that you need fast without a lot of struggles. By just searching for the specific manga that you want to watch, you will find that they will load quickly and they are also in HD quality. You can either search using the artist name or the name of the episode. Since mangatown is highly responsive you can watch them either on your desktop or your mobile device. 

God of martial art mangatown 

God of martial art mangatown is developed in a world where people get respect with martial arts. Despite that the series are short; you will find them very interesting to read. They are updated regularly, so anytime that you visit, you will get new ones you have never read before. 


Mangapanda is one of the popular website where you can read manga. It is designed to help manga fans be able to get their favorite comics to view online and help in downloading anime apps. In the past, most of the users of the site were the Japanese since the site only feature manga in Japanese language. However, with manga in other major languages being included, the site has become popular to people from the different parts of the world. You will find comics in English and this is what has also improved its ranking among the many manga websites. 

Komi san anime 

Komi san anime is an interesting manga involving an admirable and beautiful girl that everybody gets attracted. She grabs the attention of everybody who looks at her.  Everybody in the entire school sees her as a beauty who is cold and is out of their league meaning that they find it hard to reach to her. However, Tadano Hitohito understands the truth, that it is not that she is out of their league, but it is that she is bad at communicating with her peers and other people too. Komi san is determined to assist her and with assistance of Tadano he tries to help her make a hundred friends. 

Kagura fairy tail 

Kagura is the most powerful mage of the mermaid heel Guild. Besides, she is also a younger sister of Simon. By appearance, she is slim, young, has a large bust and has long and straight hair that fall up to the middle of her back.  She has a look of a Japanese princess style. Together with Mermaid Heel, they when through the grand magic Games preliminary event and were in sixth place in Sky Labyrinth. Later she takes part at the Domus Flau as one of the top participants. It is interesting to go through Kagura fairy tail not only because if the fun, but also the educative part of it. 

Black clover arcs 

Black clover arcs is an ongoing manga. It revolves around a magicless boy who is living in a magical world. He has his own adventures and struggles a lot as he strives to become the magic emperor. This is the highest rank mage that he can attain in his kingdom.  The manga has been running for a while now and has been able to sum up some few arcs. One of the reasons that the manga has been able to surpass a lot of fans is the fact that it does not have a lot of filler episodes, like most of the others you might find online. 

Maximum ride manga 

Maximum ride manga is a manga adaptation of the famous James Patterson’s maximum ride episodes. This series is licensed to Yen press. The illustrator is NaRae who does the work superbly.  Currently it has several volumes that you can read. When you go through Maximum ride manga, you realise that each of them is slightly different. You also realise that each of the volume of the manga has only half of the story that you read in one of the books. In most cases you will find that the manga contains half of the entire volume.  However, you will still get the fun and interesting aspect despite that. 

Takane shijou 

Takane shijou is a popular manga artist you will find when you go online too look for some of the best comics. He is a majestic and elegant figure making her to be known as the silver Queen by most of her fans. In 1961 production, he is referred as the vocal master. In some of the series you will find her sculpted in an attractive pose with her lips to her fingers and she looks in front with some twist on her hips.  The tips of her hair has some translucent parts that make it easy to give the required emphasize regarding the mysterious atmosphere about her. 

Kamui gintama 

Kamui gintama belongs to the Yato tribe. He is the son of Kouka and Umibouzi and he is an elder brother of Kagura.  Kamui gintama is the major antagonist of Yoshiwara in the story Flames Arc.  After his dalliance with Takasugi, he also becomes the main antagonist of the episodes. He is among the strongest yato who is still living. Besides, he is still the strongest character in the series. With his great fighting skills, he is referred as the lighting spear in the seventh division. This is the most powerful combat part within Harusame. He is also known for his instincts, speed, senses and physical strength. 

Omiai aite wa oshiego 

Omiai aite wa oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji is an entertaining anime romance that takes five minutes. It features Tetsuto furukawa as Souji kuga, Tarusuke Shingaki as Souichirou Takamiya and Rina Hon`izumi as Nano Saikawa. It is a series that was premiered on October 02 2017. When reading it, you will note that it is more of a hentai since it has a lot of sex scenes that menaces it inappropriate for certain age group. You will find a guy who tries to force his teacher to fall in love with him since he doesn’t know the basic language and cannot recall the meaning of no. 

Read solo leveling manga

Read solo leveling manga is a series that when you begin to read, you are likely going to be addicted and find yourself continuing to read it until the end. It is a series that you will keep yearning for the next chapter so that you can continue enjoying the episodes that unfold. In overall it has a good plot that gives you an idea of what to expect and this is one of the things that makes many people want to read it more and more.  However, the manga would even be more enjoyable if there is a female character. 

Read haikyuu online 

You can read haikyuu online through your mobile device or desktop. This is a Japanese manage series that is illustrated and authored by Haruichi Furudate.  You will find that the individual chapters are fully serialized since Feb 2012. Here you will find a short a short middle school student known as Hinata Shouyou. He gets interested in volleyball after he watched national championship game on the television.  He is determined to become like the champions he watches. He joins the school volleyball team and wants to be the best. He has a rival Kageyama, but they end up being in the same team. 

Peerless dad raw 

Peerless dad raw is a novel that was serialized as a webtoon on Oct 2017. It is authored by Lee Hyun-Seok.  Since then, it has continued to develop in its number of chapters. As of 2020 April Peerless dad raw, had one hundred and seventeen chapters.  The manga revolves the life of Noh Gajang who is a martial artist. When you read through it, you will you will learn about his amazing journey when he get married, fatherhood and the many battles he has gotten engaged into. It also features a badass master an MC who is family oriented and a very tragic backstory. 

Free shota comics 

Free shota comics involve young boys who are underage. Most of them are thirteen years and below. You will find them being partnered with girls who are almost of the same age or older. What follows after are erotic encounters. They are interesting to watch despite that they involve underage characters. 


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