French Customer Receives Mac Studio Order Few Days Earlier

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A French Apple fan received his Mac Studio order a few days before the orders were officially set to arrive — and he’s also shared images of the device.

The buyer of Mac Studio is called Simon, reports the French-language site Mac4Ever. According to the outlet, an unnamed Apple Store gave Simon his order a few days ahead of schedule.

After receiving his order early, Simon shared some images, including photos of the device’s box, the front and back, and the underside. The images don’t reveal anything new about the Mac Studio, but they do show what Mac4Ever calls a “pleasant blunder” on the part of the Apple retail location.

Credit: Mac4Ever

Credit: Mac4Ever

While Apple generally tries to prevent products from shipping before their intended launch date, occasionally retailers screw up and give the devices away early.

Credit: Mac4Ever

Credit: Mac4Ever

In May 2021, some Apple customers said they received their M1 iPad Pro orders a few days earlier than expected. Also, several people received their AirTag orders earlier than expected in April 2021.

Starting at $1,999, the Mac Studio is a new machine in the desktop Mac lineup that occupies a slot between the Mac mini and Mac Pro. It is equipped with the very best M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips from Apple and has more power than the technically more advanced Mac Pro.

Apple’s Mac Studio went on sale after the company’s “Peek Performance” event earlier in March. It is scheduled to arrive at the customer and in-store on Friday, March 18.

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