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How to recover GCash account if I Forget MPIN?

Here are the required steps to recover GCash account if you forget MPIN: Launch the app. On the sign-in screen, tap on Forgot MPIN? in the bottom right corner. You will receive a 6-digit authentication code as an SMS to the registered phone number. Enter the code and tap on Submit.

Can I get my money back from GCash?

The answer is, it depends. If you have sent the money to an account which is: Then the GCash admins will accommodate your request to refund the amount back to your account. How do I recover money sent to the wrong number? If in case you have sent or transferred money to the wrong GCash number, here is what you can do:

How do I unlock my account with GCash support?

This can usually be done in Globe or Smart Stores. Once you’ve replaced your SIM card, you can have GCash Support unlock your account. However, if you cannot replace your SIM card, you can also opt to change your mobile number instead.

What do I do if I Lost my GCash SIM card?

According to the GCash Help Page: If you lost your SIM card or your mobile phone where your GCash account is registered, you will need to contact GCash Support immediately so we can temporarily suspend your GCash account for your safety. You may submit a ticket or call us at 2882 with the details of your concern.

Gcash Account Recovery

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