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How to recover GCash account if I Forget MPIN?

Here are the required steps to recover GCash account if you forget MPIN: Launch the app. On the sign-in screen, tap on Forgot MPIN? in the bottom right corner. You will receive a 6-digit authentication code as an SMS to the registered phone number. Enter the code and tap on Submit.

How do I get my GCash account back?

Here are 3 main ways to reach out to GCash Customer Support to get a GCash account back: 1. Send them an e-mail. This is probably the most convenient way. Compose an e-mail and send it to support@gcash.com. Here are some general tips: If possible, send it from an e-mail address linked to the GCash account.

What is GCash and how does it work?

GCash has given every Filipino a chance to store and transfer money in a matter of seconds, to anyone, anywhere in the Philippines. GCash has also added some features which allow its users to transfer money to banks, payment centers, and even on other e-wallets. But what if you accidentally transfer money to the wrong account?

What is the error code for the GCash app?

Ex: CHG 1234 4321. Also read : GCash Account Locked: Guide to Unlocked your Account. [Solved] Gcash App - Error Code HJL3!

Gcash Recovery Account

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