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Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in The Adam Project - best new streaming movies

It’s hard to keep track of what’s coming and going on different streaming services, especially if you subscribe to a few. March has some great new streaming titles, including Oscar nominees to catch up on before the big ceremony on March 27. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled some of the best new streaming movies to watch this week.

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Check out our top picks from major streamers like Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, and more. The titles below were added to these services in the last month, and we aim to include a mix of streaming originals, new releases, and older classics and cult films.

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best movies to stream weekly as new titles are added or removed.

After Yang (2022)

Showtime — March 4

Colin Farrell looks at his own reflection in After Yang - best new streaming movies

Starring Colin Farrell, Jodie Turner-Smith, Justin H. Min, Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja, and Haley Lu Richardson, After Yang tells the story of a family that goes to great lengths to save their unresponsive robotic child.

Don’t miss this sci-fi drama that wowed critics and audiences at Cannes.

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Showtime offers up great movies and some of the best and most innovative original TV shows, and you can get all of that for a low monthly price.

The Andy Warhol Diaries (2022)

Netflix — March 9

Archival image of Andy Warhol in The Andy Warhol Diaries - best new streaming movies

Executive producer Ryan Murphy presents this documentary, offering a look into the life and celebrity of pop icon Andy Warhol.

Featuring interviews with insiders like Bob Colacello and Jerry Hall and taking inspiration from Warhol’s own published diaries, The Diaries of Andy Warhol seeks to understand the man behind the myth.

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Netflix is still the leading premium streaming service, with over 200 million worldwide subscribers. It offers thousands of movies and TV shows to binge watch, including its always growing list of original films and series, including Stranger Things, The Witcher, Bridgerton, and many more.

Dune (2021)

HBO Max — March 10

Dune review

Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi epic adaptation of the classic novel by Frank Herbert is not to be missed. It streamed on HBO Max for a month when it was first released in theaters, and now it’ll hopefully stick around a while, because it’s one of the best new streaming movies this week.

Paul Atreides has moved to the planet Arrakis, where his father is taking over the harvesting of spice, a drug in high demand across the galaxy. Paul may be a prophesied messiah, coming to Arrakis to save his people and join the native Fremen in a major intergalactic war.

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HBO Max is your home for Warner Bros-made movies and TV shows like The Lord of the Rings, the DC Comics superheroes, and more. It’s also the home for new and original movies and shows available nowhere else.

The Adam Project (2022)

Netflix — March 11

Zoe Saldana as Laura and Ryan Reynolds as Big Adam in The Adam Project - best new streaming movies

Ryan Reynolds stars in this Netflix original film, in which a man crash lands on Earth in 2022 during a time travel mission. Now, he has to team up with his younger self and his father to save himself — and the future.

This highly anticipated science fiction family drama also stars Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, Catherine Keener, and more.

Turning Red (2022)

Disney Plus — March 11

A giant red panda stands opposite children in Turning Red - best new streaming movies

Disney’s latest animated feature heads to Disney Plus this week and is one of the most exciting new movies to stream.

A 13-year-old girl in Toronto’s Chinatown struggles with her adolescent rebellion and wanting to please her mother. Things are even more complicated by the fact that when she gets overexcited, she turns into a giant red panda.

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The streaming service is the home of all Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars movies. It’s also got a bunch of exciting originals like The Mandalorian, The World According to Jeff Goldblum, and more.

Dunkirk (2017)

Netflix — March 12

A soldier lies on his stomach on the beach in Dunkirk - best new streaming moves

When allied troops were trapped by the Germans on the beaches of Dunkirk during World War II, a massive campaign to evacuate was undertaken, including every serviceable vessel nearby. Dunkirk tells the gripping true story beautifully.

Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan wrote and directed this film, which was nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards in 2018, and it remains a major achievement in war cinema.

Check out the best new streaming movies from previous weeks

Below are some of the movies we recommended in previous weeks. In case you’ve watched the newer titles already or want more options, here’s a solid mix of more new movies on your favorite streaming services.

Free Guy (2021)

Disney Plus — February 23

Ryan Reynolds walks down the street smiling in Free Guy - best new streaming movies

When a non-playable character (NPC) in a massively popular video game realizes who he is and what his purpose is, he begins a mission to save his friends from deletion. Guy, from Free City, is a happy-go-lucky bank teller who’s fallen in love with a gamer and wants to find her before it’s too late.

Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Joe Keery, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Taika Waititi star in this action-adventure full of nods to gaming and pop culture.

Hellbender (2022)

Shudder — February 24

Zelda Adams holds an occult piece of wood in Hellbender - best new streaming movies to watch

Horror streamer Shudder picked up the rights to this witch-y horror film at Montreal’s Fantasia Festival, where it was a critical hit.

In Hellbender, a 16-year-old girl with a rare illness lives in isolation on a mountain, where she spends her time playing metal music. A clandestine trip into town leads her to new friendships — and new, terrifying discoveries about some family secrets her mother had hoped to shield her from.

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Time to scream with this horror streaming service

Horror movie fans will find a lot to watch with the Shudder streaming service. It serves up a collection of classic and contemporary horror movies to chill you to your core.

No Exit (2022)

Hulu — February 25

A young woman looks at a van where a hand reaches for help from the back window in No Exit

Told as a locked room mystery, Hulu’s latest original film, No Exit, is sure to be a tense and suspenseful conversation starter.

A young woman is stranded on a roadway during a blizzard. When she discovers a kidnapped girl in a van, she becomes determined to find the kidnapper. In the small, snowed-in diner nearby, everyone’s a suspect, and no one has anywhere to hide.

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A Madea Homecoming (2021)

Netflix — February 25

Madea and Agnes stand together at an outside gathering in A Madea Homecoming

The twelfth film in the Madea cinematic universe, A Madea Homecoming brings Tyler Perry’s iconic comedy character to Netflix in the franchise’s second Netflix original film.

Madea hosts her family to celebrate her grandson’s college graduation in this adaptation of Perry’s play Madea’s Farewell Play. Things should be festive and celebratory, but the party takes a turn when some long-buried secrets are revealed.

Three Identical Strangers

Hulu — February 27

Edward Galland, David Kellman, and Robert Shafran hugging an archival still from Three Identical Strangers

Three identical triplets separated at birth are brought back together in this moving documentary. While their reunion should have been a joyful chance to reconnect, a shocking discovery forces difficult conversations about why they were separated and raised by different families in the first place.

Three Identical Strangers was a huge hit when it first came out, and it’s worth checking out to see why it connected so strongly with audiences.

The Insider (1999)

Hulu — March 1

Al Pacino and Russell Crowe in The Insider - best movies to stream

A chemist risks his life and career by working with the CBS news magazine show 60 Minutes on an exposé of Big Tobacco in this shocking and brilliant film based on a true story.

With some career-best performances by Al Pacino and Russell Crowe and a slow-boiling David-and-Goliath conflict, The Insider may well be director Michael Mann’s best film — yes, even counting Heat and Miami Vice.

Prometheus (2012)

Amazon Prime Video — March 1

Michael Fassbender examines a glowing orb in Prometheus - new on Amazon Prime Video in March 2022

Fans of the Alien films remain divided on this 2012 prequel, but with gorgeous visuals and a career-defining role for Michael Fassbender, it’s certainly worth a try — or maybe a second look if you didn’t love it the first time. It can grow on you.

Ridley Scott returns to the franchise for the first time since his original 1979 classic Alien. In Prometheus, scientists travel to a distant planet to investigate the origins of life on Earth. What they find there may be the answer to their search, but it could also spell the end of humankind.

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Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video offers access to thousands of movies and TV shows to stream. That includes great original shows and movies like The Boys and The Tomorrow War. You can also sign up for other premium services within Amazon Prime Video.

Starship Troopers (1997)

HBO Max — March 1

starship troopers 1

Paul Verhoeven’s brilliant — and frequently misunderstood — classic satire is one of the best action films of the 90s. It’s also one of the best movies to stream this week as it lands on HBO Max.

When Earth is threatened by an insectoid species from space, recent high-school grad Johnny Rico and his friends enlist in the military to fight the bugs. Nothing is quite what it seems in the conflict, though, and the fascist Earth government may not have been entirely honest with its new recruits.

Timecrimes (2007)

HBO Max — March 1

A man wrapped in bloody bandages makes binoculars with is hands in Timecrimes - best movies to stream

Karbo Vantas Entertainment

In this incredible Spanish sci-fi thriller, a man accidentally finds himself in a time loop, investigating a crime that seems impossible. Director Nacho Vigalondo directed the criminally underrated 2016 film Colossal, but Timecrimes remains his best work to date. Don’t miss it on HBO Max.

West Side Story (2021)

Disney Plus and HBO Max — March 2

Rachel Zegler at a dance in West Side Story - best new streaming movies

Steven Spielberg proves once again that he’s a master filmmaker with his new take on a classic. West Side Story, a timeless update of Romeo and Juliet, tells the story of two unlikely lovers who find themselves on opposite sides of a turf war in New York, fanning the flames despite wanting peace between their opposing factions.

With stunning choreography and new takes on well-known songs, West Side Story has earned its Best Picture nomination at this year’s Oscars and is among the best new streaming movies, available on Disney Plus and HBO Max.

Drive My Car (2021)

HBO Max — March 2

Hidetoshi Nishijima and Tōko Miura sit in a car together in Drive My Car - where to watch 2022 oscar nominees

Another Best Picture nominee — the only one not in English — Drive My Car is a moving story about loss. A grieving theater director and actor moves to Hiroshima to direct a play following the loss of his wife. There, he forms a connection with his driver, the first person to understand him.

Drive My Car is based on a short story by Haruki Murakami. It’s one of the best movies to stream this week, and a perfect chance to get ready for the Oscars.

F9: The Fast Saga (2021)

HBO Max — March 4

Michelle Rodriguez on a motorcycle in F9 The Fast Saga -best new streaming movies

The latest installment in the Fast & Furious franchise keeps upping the ante. The stunts are more intense and unbelievable than ever, and the family keeps growing — quite literally.

Dom is trying to leave his past behind and start a new life with Letty and his son, Brian. He’s pulled back in when his long-lost brother reemerges, posing a threat to Dom’s family and world peace. He’s not the only face from Dom’s past to come back in this terrific outing, one of the best new streaming movies this week.

Fresh (2022)

Hulu — March 4

Sebastian Stan and Daisy Edgar-Jones sit in a diner in Fresh

Daisy Edgar-Jones stars as Noa in this Hulu original film. Noa is looking for love and seems to have found the perfect guy until she realizes he has some unusual appetites. Can she survive this new relationship?

Sebastian Stan plays the romantic interest, Steve, in this unconventional love story, one of the most exciting new movies to stream this week.

Benedetta (2021)

Hulu — March 4

Virginie Efira and Daphne Patakia look at each other in Benedetta - best new streaming movies

Paul Verhoeven earns two spots on this week’s list with Starship Troopers and his latest film, last year’s controversial period drama Benedetta, finally streaming via Hulu.

A nun with erotic visions of God embarks on a lesbian affair with a new arrival at the convent, which puts her at odds with the church she seeks to serve.

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Those are the best new streaming movies to watch this week on some of the biggest streaming services out there.

Which ones will you watch?


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