How to find Minecraft screenshots

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There are a few different versions of Minecraft and they are installed in different places. These different Minecraft versions also save screenshots in different places. Here’s how to find them.

How to find screenshots of any Java version of Minecraft

The Java version of Minecraft stores screenshots in a screenshots folder in the main Minecraft folder. If you have no idea where you installed Minecraft, this method is the easiest way to find your screenshots.

There is an on-screen notification every time you take a screenshot in the Java version of Minecraft.

The file name – which is generated from the date and time of the screenshot – is actually clickable. When you click on the name, the image will open in the Photos app. From there it is easy to find the folder.

To do this, click the three dots in the top right corner, then click “File Information.”

Click on the three dots and then click "file information."

A sidebar will open with all the information about the file. The file location is displayed about halfway through. Click the “Show file location” option to open the screenshots folder.

Note the file path or click "Open folder."

Normal (Vanilla) Minecraft Screenshot Location

Minecraft is installed by default in “C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft” and you can find the screenshots folder in the “.minecraft” folder.

The launcher allows you to have multiple installations of Minecraft – it’s super useful if you want to run multiple versions or run a modified client alongside a vanilla client. Screenshots are saved separately between Minecraft versions, so you have a folder of screenshots for each Minecraft installation.

Click “Installations” to see a list of all versions of Minecraft you have installed.

Click "installations."

Hover over any of the installations you have and click on the folder icon that appears to open that particular Minecraft folder.

Then just look for another folder called “Screenshots”.

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Feed the Beast Screenshot Location

Feed the Beast (FTB) does not install in the default Minecraft location, but it retains the same folder hierarchy as vanilla Minecraft. That means wherever you install an FTB mod pack, the screenshots folder can be found in the main modded Minecraft folder. Any modified installation of Minecraft is called an ‘instance’. Here’s how to see where yours will be installed.

Click the gear icon in the lower left corner of the FTB app.

Make sure the ‘Instances’ tab is selected and look for the ‘Instance Location’ box.

Select the "organizations" tab, then look for the "Instance Location" box.

Then it’s just a matter of opening the folder that belongs to the right modpack.

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Finding Minecraft Bedrock Edition Screenshots

The Windows 10 and Windows 11 versions of Minecraft, also known as Bedrock Edition, removed the ability to take screenshots with in-game controls and outsourced it to the Game Bar.

Game Bar saves screenshots to “C:\Users\(YourUserName)\Videos\Captures” by default – all your Bedrock screenshots should be there.

If they are not there, your recording location has probably changed. Open the Game Bar by pressing Windows + g or by typing “Game Bar” in the start menu search bar and clicking “Open”.

Click "Open."

Click on ‘View my recordings’.

Click "See My recordings."

Click on the small folder icon. Game Bar opens File Explorer to the folder where your screenshots are stored.

You can also take screenshots with Steam if you’ve added either version of Minecraft to Steam. Once you’ve done that, check your Steam screenshots folder for all your photos instead of the Minecraft or Game Bar folder.

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