How to report someone on Discord

In most cases, reporting other users on a platform like Discord is a last-ditch affair. You don’t go around reporting people you think are cheating like you do in multiplayer video games. If users are abusive, harass other users, send an over-the-top amount of spam, or violate Discord’s Community Guidelines, you can go to their support page and report them manually. Let’s summarize how to report someone on Discord.

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To report someone on Discord, enable developer mode in User Settings. After that, return to the message you want to report, right click on it and select Copy ID. Go to Discord Support in a browser and create a new request, then put the message ID in the Description box at the bottom.


Let’s get this out of the way first: you can’t just report someone because you feel like it. You must provide evidence of their wrongdoing and then submit it to Discord.

More specifically, you need to go to User Settings and enable Developer Mode to see the Copy ID button on specific posts. Clicking that will copy the ID of that message to your clipboard, which you can then send to Discord as evidence of harassment, abusive behavior, or whatever you accuse that user of.

If they haven’t done anything to warrant platform-level disciplinary action, you’ll find it hard to report them.

Report someone on Discord (desktop)

Enable developer mode

Open the Discord desktop client or log into your account on the website. Click the gear-shaped User Settings button at the bottom of the interface to open User Settings.

step one go to user settings

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Then scroll down to the APP SETTINGS section and click Advanced.

step two click on advanced in the menu on the left

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On the Advanced menu, click the Developer Mode slider if it’s gray. If it turns green, you’ve enabled Developer Options.

step three click the developer mode slider

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Gather evidence for the report

Message Link

Find the post with the content you want to report to Discord. Note that you are not reporting the message itself. You send that message along with your explanation to Discord as evidence of higher action against that particular user.

Move your mouse over that message. In the options that appear on the right, click the three dot-shaped More button.

click on ... more

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Click Copy Message Link in the extended menu options.

copy a message link directly

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Message ID

Move your mouse over the message you want to report. Click the three dot-shaped More button from the options that appear at the top right.

click on ... more

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In the extended menu options, click Copy ID to copy the message ID.

from the drop-down menu, click Copy ID

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user name

To copy someone’s user ID, all you need to do is right-click anywhere on the name bar. From the drop-down menu, click Copy ID.

copy a user ID on discord

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Submit the proof and report

You must complete this final “reporting” stage in a browser.

click submit a request on the support site 1

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On the Make a Request page, click the drop-down menu under What can we help you with? and select Trust & Security.

trust and security option 1

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Under How can we help, select the option that best describes why you’re reporting that user: Report Abuse or Harassment, Report Spam, or Report Other Problem.

select the type of report you want to create

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Beyond here is a huge branching menu. For example, if you click Report Abuse or Harassment, six more options appear under What do you want to report?. When you click Cyberbullying or Harassment, five more options appear under How? and so forth.

paste message link

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Keep filling in the options until you see a blank field under Message Link (that is, Enter the message link you copied earlier in this box.

submit the report

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In the Description box, paste the message ID and user ID you copied earlier. Enter any additional details that Discord needs to know, then click Submit.

Report someone on Discord (Android and iOS)

In the Discord mobile app, find the message with the content you want to report to Discord. Long-press that message and hit the flag-shaped Report button on the next menu.

find the report button on mobile

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Go through the entire branch menu and answer all questions about the message you are reporting. When you get to the final report summary page, press Send Report.

report disagreement mobile

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How do you report users under 13 on Discord?

To report a user you believe may be a minor, email with details to


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