Know More About Saint Lucia citizenship benefits and requirements

Once you start collecting information about the citizenship-by-investment program of St. Lucia, you will realize that it is not only about getting the permanent citizenship of the Caribbean Island or gaining from the return to the investment. The benefits are numerous, which has actually led to the immense popularity of the scheme, of course, if you can meet the requirements. The following part is a comprehensive guide to the Saint Lucia citizenship benefits and requirementswhich will aid in decision making. And if you think that there will be some difference in terms of citizenship with those born here, you are wrong.

Myriad benefits

The most exciting benefit of procuring citizenship is the visa free travel opportunity to many countries, almost 150 in number, including the UK and Hong Kong. You will enjoy equal rights as those born in the country. You can enjoy the right to vote, and interestingly, your family can inherit the citizenship too. It is unbelievable but true that the process won’t demand any residency requirement. If you are worried about traveling to ST. Lucia frequently s the legal processing will be proceeding, you can stay tension-free as there will be no need to plan such travels.

Best deals

If you watch the informative videos on YouTubeyou will learn that the country legally recognizes dual citizenship. So there are no restrictions on the country too. Who knows, you might even like to stay there for a considerable period as you will like the stable political state and the democratic economy. If you are angry with the amount o tax that you have to pay in your country, then you might plan to shift to St. Lucia too. The tax scheme is favorable without any capital gains tax and relatively lower income tax and corporate tax rates. Also, you don’t have to pay tax on worldwide income.

Fundamental requirements

If it is so easy to procure citizenship, then what are the minimum requirements to be eligible for the investment program? Well, you have to bear an outstanding character, and the procedure is possible only when you don’t have any criminal records in the country. Your health condition should be stable, and you must be an adult. You have to pass the due diligence checks of St. Lucia. You can be a citizen if you are ready to pay any of the four qualifying investments.