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You can’t really hide apps on iPhone, but you can make them hard to find. If you can’t find an app on your iPhone’s home screen, it may still be available in your app library. Also, some hidden app purchases can be revealed. Here’s how to do both.

Reveal apps that “hide” in your app library

Starting with iOS 14, Apple introduced an app library page on your iPhone that shows an organized list of all the apps installed on your device. An app can be installed on your iPhone that is not on your home screen, but can be accessed in your app library. If so, simply add the app to your home screen.

To open your app library, swipe left on your icon home screen repeatedly until you reach the last page, then swipe again and the app library will open. You will see a grid of icons in different categories that represent the apps you have installed. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen and type the name of the app you’re looking for.

Type the name of the app in the app library search bar.

When you’ve found it, tap and hold the icon in the results list. Select “Add to Home Screen” from the menu that appears.

Crane "Add to home screen" in the App Library pop-up menu.

After that, you can go back to your home screen and you will see the app icon you just added to your home screen on one of the pages.

In the future, if you want all newly downloaded apps to automatically appear on your home screen, open the Settings app and tap “Home Screen.” Then add a check next to “Add to Home Screen.”

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Reveal hidden app purchases on your iPhone

Using your Apple ID settings, it is possible to hide past purchases of items such as apps. If you can’t find an app you want to download in your purchase history, open Settings and tap your Apple ID at the top. Then select “Media and Purchases” and tap “Hidden Purchases.”

Crane "Hidden purchases."

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of purchases you’ve previously hidden. Tap Unhide behind an app you want to re-disclose.

Crane "visible."

The app will then appear in your Purchase History (Settings > Apple ID > Media & Purchases > Purchase History). If the app isn’t already installed on your iPhone, you’ll need to download it again from the App Store. Good luck!

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