Next Mac mini has M2 and M2 Pro Apple Silicon chip options

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A new source suggests that Apple’s next version of the Mac mini will receive a major upgrade: Apple’s M2 line of Apple Silicon chips.

On Tuesday, Apple announced its brand new Mac Studio – a Mac mini-esque desktop aimed at creative professionals who could take advantage of significantly powerful hardware. The Mac Studio is the first in Apple’s lineup to get the M1 Ultra, a brand new chip made up of two M1 Max processors connected by an UltraFusion connector.

However, a new report from 9to5Mac suggests the Mac mini may be the first Mac to see Apple’s next batch of Apple Silicon chips: the M2 and M2 Pro.

According to the report, the M2 Mac mini (codenamed J473) will be powered by the next-gen entry-level M2 chip. The M2 chip will be based on the A15 chip and will reportedly have the same eight-core CPU of the M1, but will feature a more powerful 10-core GPU.

The M2 Pro Mac mini (codenamed J474) will feature the M2 Pro chip. Reportedly, this chip will contain four efficiency cores and eight performance cores, yielding a 12-core CPU. In comparison, the current M1 Pro has a 10-core CPU.

While this is the first report to say definitively that the Mac mini will have an M2 chip, it’s also an obvious addition for the next generation. The existing late 2020 Mac mini has the M1, and given the heat the Mac Studio apparently generates, the bottom end of the M2 line makes sense for the next iteration.

Other previously rumored additions to the line include more Thunderbolt ports, the possible use of a magnetic power cable like the M1 iMac uses, and possibly a smaller chassis.

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