Nothing Phone 1 here in Summer 2022 with Nothing OS

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The first smartphone from Nothing (and the second product in general) will be the Nothing Phone 1. It will have a new Android skin called Nothing OS and a Snapdragon processor. The phone will land this summer with software previews coming in April.

Today, former OnePlus CEO Carl Pei made the big announcement we’ve all been anticipating: nothing will be launching an Android-based smartphone this year. In addition, the phone comes with a modified Android skin that on paper looks a lot like the early days of OnePlus’ Oxygen OS.

Phone 1 has an undisclosed Snapdragon processor under the hood. Since this is the company’s first product, it’s impossible to say which processor that might be. Nothing said it would reveal more information about the phone and the included hardware “in the coming months”.

The company hasn’t revealed a definitive launch date for the phone, other than a vague estimate of the summer of 2022. That means somewhere between now and the end of September, but we’ll likely get more specific information soon.

Nothing Phone 1: ‘Iconic Design’

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One of the standout design features of Nothing’s only current product – Nothing Ear 1 – is the transparent housing of both the earbuds and the charging case. When we interviewed Carl Pei in the early days of Nothing, he said this would be something that would carry over to other products.

With that in mind, it is very likely that part or even all of the Nothing Phone 1 would have a transparent casing. If so, it would certainly set the smartphone apart from others on the market. It would also make pairing a Nothing phone and a set of earbuds a bit of a fashion statement.

However, this is all guesswork at this point. Other than using the term “iconic design” to describe the Nothing Phone 1, the company has not disclosed any details. It revealed the strange symbol above, which could be a hint of what we might see.

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Nothing Phone 1 Updates

When we finally see the Nothing Phone 1 land, it will have an Android skin known as Nothing OS. Surprisingly, the company had a lot more to say about this than the actual phone. First, it confirmed that the Nothing Phone 1 will get three years of OS updates and four years of security updates, which is close to Google’s current commitments. Here are the company’s own words about Nothing OS:

Nothing OS stays true to the founding mission of Nothing and is built on an open and seamless ecosystem that effortlessly connects and integrates Nothing OS products and products from other leading brands. Nothing OS captures the best features of pure Android, distilling the OS to just the essentials, with every byte serving a purpose. It is designed to provide a fast, smooth and personalized experience. A coherent interface, the hardware integrates seamlessly with software through custom fonts, colors, graphics and sounds.

Old school OnePlus fans will probably be pretty excited about this one. The description of Nothing OS which is “pure Android” with some subtle tweaks is a lot like the early days of Oxygen OS. Nothing even uses the terms “fast and smooth” to describe it, which is a direct reference to the terminology that OnePlus still uses to describe Oxygen OS to this day.

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We’ll also get a chance to sample Nothing OS before the Nothing Phone 1 launches in full. The company will make the Nothing OS launcher available sometime in April. We will share all the details on that as soon as we have them.

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