Samsung’s Foldables could get a big update this year, thanks to Google

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We recently learned that several large-screen Android devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, were set to receive a major update later this year. Of course we’re talking about Android 12L, Google’s new version of Android designed and optimized for tablets and foldable devices.

When Google announced the beta version of Android 12L in October, it suggested that the refreshed software would be available in early 2022. As promised, the software is available today for select Pixel devices. In a blog post, Andrei Popescu, vice president of Google Engineering for Android, said 12L would also be shipping to devices from three more manufacturers later this year. Those are Samsung, Lenovo and Microsoft.

We’ve already seen the Android 12L beta on Lenovo’s P12 Pro tablet, so it makes sense. However, we weren’t sure if Samsung and Google would team up so quickly to get this done. Many expected Samsung to adopt the changes targeting foldable devices in Android 12L and mix it in Android 13 and One UI, which they probably will. Still, it sounds like select users will be able to enjoy these features sooner than expected.

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We don’t know exactly which Samsung will get Android 12L later this year, but it’s safe to assume that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, possibly the Fold 2, not to mention the Flip 3. Plus, Samsung has some of the best Android tablets on the market, and the exciting giant new Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra could be perfect for Google’s latest software.

The announcement didn’t say how many devices from each manufacturer would get this new software, so we’ll have to wait and see how many Samsung devices join the beta. It sounds like Microsoft’s Surface Duo will also enjoy the fruits of Google’s work, potentially making it even more foldable.

Android 12L has several design changes and features with tablets and foldable devices in mind for those who don’t know. Some of these include a revamped notification shade that separates things into two columns for ease of use, new multi-column layouts where applicable, and an all-new taskbar. Plus, the software lets you open and run apps side by side, plus a host of other customizations to allow owners to take full advantage of larger screens. You can see more from the official Google link below.

While this is exciting for tablet users, we look forward to seeing how it changes the experience on foldable devices like Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and future devices.

Source: Google Blog

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