Should you guess to answer all the questions in SAT: Guide by Interpass

So, do you have infinite time on your hand for the SAT exam? Obviously, No! Then there must be a strategy to crack the exam. If you have only definite time to answer, you have to guess some out of your knowledge. In this case, it is ok to guess some answers! But you know toppers also guess the answer; they even don’t know all the answers. Then, what differentiates you and toppers is just an educated guess. You have to grab these techniques according to Interpass to easily crack SAT. 

What about the penalty?

There is one great piece of news for you. The previous SAT rules put a penalty on the student negatively answering the questions. But the new system removes the guessing penalty. There is now no penalty, so you can confidently guess the exam. Nearly one-third of marks were deducted earlier for every wrong answer. But now there are no negative marks for this. So, now you have two options in your hand. One, you guess the answer and fetch zero for wrong; otherwise, you can make an educated guess and fetch some extra marks. It is the fear of guessing the answer, nothing else. You have to think beyond this fear.

How to make an educated guess?

There are some tricks that toppers follow to make an educated guess. Firstly, you must listen to the logic first. So, you should learn the elimination method. Here, you have to skilfully eliminate the impossible answer. It will help you to reach the near-accurate answer for the SAT exam. The next strategy you could do is to select the shortest answer first. Generally, it has been seen that the correct options are straightforward, concise, and clear. It must not include some unwanted words. For guessing the math questions, it is better to rely on the visual presentation; mostly, you will find the right answer.