Combining your watch with the day’s clothing for lovers of etiquette and style allows you to distinguish a man from a true gentleman. And remember – a watch is an accessory. It should take your look to the next level without smothering it.

Sports Watch / Dive Watch

James Bond celebrated it. The modern diving watch is designed to allow divers to know the exact amount of oxygen remaining in their diving cylinders. Most diving watches are waterproof to at least 100 meters. However, a sports watch designed for swimming instead of diving is also watertight to a shallower depth.

The diving watches are medium in size, boast a bold design, and are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless-steel materials. They are versatile and versatile enough to be used with many different styles. The chronograph watch (technically a sports watch) was invented by the French king Louis XVIII, who precisely wanted to time his horse races.

The modern sports watch is an indispensable accessory for sailors, runners, climbers, cyclists, and all men who want to enjoy every second of their day. Like the diving watch, the sports watch is specially adapted to physical activity and can be equipped with various features, from heart rate monitors, altimeters, barometers, compasses, and GPS.

In What Situations To Wear A Sports Watch Or Diving Watch?

Several models of sports watches from Rolex watches are elegant enough to be used with their casual-chic looks. They are perfectly acceptable as fashion accessories in environments such as the office or for going out to dinner, shopping, or traveling.

Traditionally, diving watches should not be worn with formal suits. The exaggerated size of a diving watch doesn’t match the fine lines of a suit. Unless it’s 007, where you can do whatever, you want.


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