Casual, sporty, or modern, several models and brands are available on the market, including here on our website. The choice represents the style and personality of each one, which varies according to the occasion. But there is a rule that applies to everyone: when investing in a quality watch, consumers expect a beautiful, functional, and durable product. After all, even the most reputable brands of watches risk being damaged if they don’t receive the necessary care.

We have gathered super essential tips for you to acquire your watch! Check out:

1 – Be careful when setting the time – Remove the watch from your wrist when setting it. Flipping the hands (or set in the case of digitals) while the watch is still on the arm can interfere with its accuracy.

2 – Avoid contact with chemical products – Do not handle chemical products when using your watch. Benzine, gasoline, alcohol, cosmetic spray, nail polish, and paint can damage the part. Also, avoid using creams and other cosmetics around the wrist. The chemical composition present in some of these products can deteriorate the watch’s natural color.

3- Store your watch like Rolex Cellini (โรเล็กซ์ cellini which is the term in Thai) in an appropriate place – Avoid leaving it in dusty and unprotected places. The ideal is to have a case to store it. Look for an airy environment with no exposure to sunlight or moisture.

4 – Avoid going into the sea wearing your watch – Although many models are waterproof, sea salt can accelerate the process of oxidation and corrosion of the watch. So, avoid going into the sea with yours! But, if by chance the desire to take that dip is too strong and you forget to take the piece off, follow the following guideline: wash it in freshwater, dry the piece with a soft cloth and take it to a reputable watchmaker as much as possible.

5 – Do not expose your watch to extreme temperatures – Avoid very sudden temperature shocks, such as leaving your watch on the car dashboard closed or wearing it while in the sauna. This type of use contributes to the evaporation of lubricants and impairs the function of the part. Sooner or later, problems can arise, so be careful.


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