The Benefits Of Hiring A Physician Liaison For Your Medical Practice – Dr John Manzella

In today’s highly competitive healthcare industry, medical practices need to stay ahead of the game to remain successful. A physician liaison can help medical practices stay competitive by strengthening relationships with referring physicians, improving patient care, and increasing revenue. In this article, we will explore the benefits of hiring a physician liaison for your medical practice.

In Other Words, What Exactly Is A Physician Liaison

A “physician liaison” is typically employed by a medical practice. This individual’s primary responsibility is to build and maintain relationships with other physicians who refer patients to the clinic. The liaison is accountable for communicating the patient’s current condition with the doctor who referred them, as well as enabling a seamless transition of care from the office to the hospital.

Medical Liaison Services: Why You Need One

Employing a physician liaison allows for improved relationships to be made with doctors who refer patients, which is a significant benefit. A medical liaison may pay a personal visit to the physicians who referred the patient in order to discuss the patient’s progress, answer questions, and find solutions to any problems that may arise. The primary duty of a physician liaison is to cultivate fruitful working relationships with the treating physicians who are responsible for recommending patients to a particular medical practice.

Enhanced Care For Patients

Hiring a physician liaison like Dr John Manzella can also benefit patients by enhancing the quality of treatment they get. A physician liaison can coordinate with referring doctors to improve patient care before, during, and after a patient’s visit to the clinic. A physician liaison can assist reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes and boost patient satisfaction by coordinating care between referring doctors and the providers treating their patients.

Boost Incomes

When everything is considered, employing a physician liaison can ultimately result in an increase in revenue for the medical practice. The major responsibility of a physician liaison is to increase the number of patients referred to a practice as well as the income generated by the practice. 

This is accomplished through cultivating connections with referring physicians and persuading them to send more patients. In addition, a physician liaison may verify that the office is accurately charging patients and that insurance claims are being completed in a timely manner, both of which will reduce the likelihood of claims being rejected and increase revenue.

Final Thoughts And A Plea For Action

There are many upsides to employing Dr John Manzella at your medical facility. A physician liaison can assist assure the long-term success of your medical practice by establishing relationships with referring physicians, enhancing patient care, and growing income.

There are a number of places you may look to find a good physician liaison to work with your medical practice. If you need help hiring a qualified doctor or nurse for your practice, you can contact a healthcare staffing agency or medical association in your area.

Immediately hire a medical liaison and reap the many rewards. Your medical practice’s long-term health and the quality of treatment you’re able to give your patients depend on your ability to fill this vital function.