The second most common type of watch with a rotating bezel is the pilot watch. Here the ring can and should be movable in both directions. Pilots in particular who fly according to visual flight rules use the additional minute scale as a navigation aid: When taking off, the zero point is aligned with the minute hand so that the bezel counts the flight minutes. If, for example, the planned route calls for a change of direction at specific landmarks after 13 minutes, the bezel shows when it is time to look out for the respective motorway junction or a church tower.

A clock cannot adequately replace this function, as the minute totalizer, which is usually small, is much more challenging to read than the central pointer of a pilot’s watch. The Flieger Professional DIN from Stowa, for example, has one.

The model Paradropper LT Season 7 Limited Edition has Oris designed with the pilot of the Swiss Air Force air transport squadron seven, and the paratroopers fly to their take-off zones. With the help of the scales on the rotating bezel, the pilot can set when he has to give the paratroopers the appropriate signals to prepare and take off. The pilot can then use the clock to calculate landing areas.

The Rotating Bezel As A Compass Bezel

The Prospex LX from Seiko is equipped with a compass bezel to determine the direction of the compass. The best way to do this is to take the almost 45-millimeter large titanium watch directly in your hand because the dial has to be held flat. Then turn the clock until the hour hand points to the sun. Now move the compass bezel until the marking for south is in the middle between the noon position and the hour hand.

Now all directions can be read correctly. The practical thing about the watch is that water sports enthusiasts can also use this function because the Prospex remains waterproof up to 200 meters. The version with this compass bezel, which is rarely found in watches, is suitable for special outdoor activities. The Prospex LXSNR025, made of hard-coated titanium, works with the Spring Drive GMT caliber 5R66, with 72 hours of autonomy and a modern time zone function. Search for Rolex watches price (นาฬิกา Rolex ราคา which is the term in Thai)


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