Tips On How You Can Prepare For An Exam

Not everything is lost when you don’t have enough time to prepare for an exam, you can try homeschool education (เรียนโฮมสคูล which is the term in Thai). We have some tips that will help you shine in national exams. And not only.

1. Training Plan

Create a plan for your study. Do a general review of the whole subject, check which are the most important points, which topics you have the most difficulties in, to define everything well, you have to study. Don’t forget, never leave anything unstudied, hoping, “ah, this came out two years ago; it won’t come out for sure.” It’s halfway to being the exam’s most “valuable” question.

2. Offline Mode

Yup. We know it will be challenging, but when you’re studying (seriously!), you have to get away from all those technological devices that can distract you. Disable notifications, and log out of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp groups. See you soon, social networks. Hi, good grades.

3. Time To Get Back To Work

However, you are not forbidden to take breaks from time to time. Quite the opposite. It is healthy to stop when you feel that you are no longer fully focused. Take the opportunity to sunbathe, walk and do some exercise. When you return to study, you will see that you will have much more energy.

4. Study Law By Crooked Lines

Write notes by hand. It may not seem like it, but writing by hand helps you be more focused and think more about everything you’re writing. It is much less “automatic” writing. In addition, you take the opportunity to practice your handwriting. Do not forget that points can be deducted if the teacher-corrector does not understand what you have written.

5. Voice Over

Have you tried recording yourself reading the material? Why not? If you memorize song lyrics after 2 or 3 auditions, you’ll probably do well with this method. Take the opportunity to listen on your bus trips while walking down the street, and you’ll see that at a certain point, you’ll already know by heart what’s next.