Understanding The Different Approaches To Negotiate For Seller’s Repairs


There will be several sites on the internet which will tell you a lot about home repairs but they may not tell you about the different approaches that you should take to negotiate with the seller about the repairing needs. Though this may not be the ultimate guide to home inspection negotiation, it will be enough to make you knowledgeable about this fact and negotiate with the seller with more confidence. Remember, you can take two specific approaches while dealing with this situation. One, you can ask the seller to do the necessary repairs, and two, you can bargain on the price to buy the house with the defects.


Money or repairs

It may not be very easy to determine whether you want money or the repairs to be done by the seller. Ideally a seller will always prefer to offer money, or a reduction in the price, for the repairs and not actually do it. This is typically termed as ‘credit’ which inevitably brings the closing costs down. However, such a house should only be bought if the repairs are manageable and will not cost a fortune to get them fixed. You should also consider the additional repair works that may be required with a specific task before choosing any one between actual repairs and money.

Involve a contractor

It is always good to involve a contractor during these negotiations with the seller, or at least have a fair bit of knowledge about the repairing needs and cost. This will not only ensure that your to-do list is complete and exhaustive but will also ensure that all corners are covered as far as repairing of the house is concerned. It will also be very helpful during the actual repairing process because the same contractor would oversee the matters. The contractor will be there to handle with the technical aspects to make things clear to the seller and help in negotiating on the final price.

Do it yourself

It is essential to understand that the seller is not obligated to make all the repairs that you need in the house. Your expectations will be much different from that of the seller and therefore it is best to do the repair works on your own, provided you have the funds for it. this will help you to oversee everything from the beginning to the end without requiring the seller to act as a middleman.