Watch This Hamster Beat a Real ‘Super Mario’ Job – Review Geek

Marshmallow the hamster in a 'Super Mario' maze.My hamster’s secret life

Like all animals, hamsters need a little environmental enrichment to keep their minds happy and healthy. But some hamsters get a lot of enrichment, like Marshmallow, a cute little rodent that regularly navigates real-life Super Mario courses.

Marshmallow is the star of The Secret Life of My Hamster, a YouTube channel with nearly five million subscribers. Her job is simple: escape an incredibly detailed maze to win some sweet treats. And yes, I’d say Marshmallow could make a career out of this.

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In a video titled Super Mario Hamster Bros, Marshmallow crawls her way through a handmade Mario maze, dodging goombas along the way. She even crawls through some pipes, although she tends to climb over walls rather than jump over them.

At the end of the video, Marshmallow defeats Bowser and earns a treat. I’ve never gotten a reward for playing video games, but Marshmallow is a good hamster and I think she deserves all the rewards in the world.

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Anyway, the courses in The Secret Life of My Hamster have only gotten more extensive since the channel debuted four years ago. In an updated Super Mario challenge, Marshmallow is forced to dodge dangerous enemies, wrecking balls and falling spike ceilings! (These obstacles are made of paper and are obviously human controlled, the hamster is fine.)

Marshmallow the hamster has navigated several video game inspired mazes, including one set in Minecraft. Watch My Hamster’s Secret Life on YouTube for more!

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