Week in Review: Most Popular Stories on GeekWire for the Week of March 20, 2022

Stay tuned for the latest technology and startup news from the past week. Here are the most popular stories on GeekWire for the week of March 20, 2022.

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Most Popular Stories on GeekWire

Al Michaels, the longtime NFL play-by-play broadcaster, is Amazon’s choice to name “Thursday Night Football” games to stream on Prime Video this season, according to the New York Post. … Read more

ORLAND, California – When I looked north at the night sky last year on a visit to my hometown, I was momentarily stunned by a line of lights moving steadily from west to east, noticeably brighter than the stars. … Read more

The state of Ohio really wants Seattleites to move to the state of Buckeye — even the tech bros. … Read more

Over a more than 30-year professional photojournalistic career, John Moore has documented the struggles of people in 70 countries on six continents. … Read more

MacKenzie Scott has donated $436 million to Habitat for Humanity in the largest public donation since the billionaire Seattle philanthropist and author pledged to give away most of her vast wealth. … Read more

Gary Lai with new Shepard space capsule

The future space aviator who will replace “Saturday Night Live” comedian Pete Davidson on the crew for the launch of Blue Origin’s New Shepard suborbital spacecraft next week already knows what it’s like to get ready for launch. … Read more

Tomo, a startup founded by former Zillow executives that aims to speed up the mortgage approval process, has raised a $40 million Series A round with a valuation of $640 million, doubling the company’s value after it closed. had raised a $70 million seed round last year. … Read more

A study led by researchers at the University of Washington shows a new way to generate potential drugs using computational design. … Read more

New estimates from the US Census Bureau show that the population of King County, Wash., home to the Seattle and Bellevue tech hubs, decreased by more than 20,000 people between July 2020 and July 2021. … Read more

Amazon is converting warehouse space in Slovakia, previously used to fulfill customer orders, into a massive humanitarian aid hub to provide much-needed supplies for refugees fleeing the war in neighboring Ukraine, the company announced Tuesday. … Read more

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