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How much does it cost to register for WPC?

Registration is free, your email will only be used to communicate information related to WPC.

How to get WPC approval in India?

How to get WPC Approval in India? WPC Registration requires RF (Radio Frequency) test report for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for their product operating in these frequency bands. Subsequently, the import license is to be separately obtained by the importer based on ETA grant letter.

What is the new WPC 2022 registration system?

WPC 2022 Registration Congress Registration is now open With the online registration system, you will have the opportunity to book your attendance, hotel, social events, technical tour and optional excursions all through the “one click”.

What is the full form of WPC certificate?

WPC certificate full form Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing certification is the required authorization for any business individual who seeks to manufacture, import, sell or use wireless equipments. As such a business owner, you get this equipment type approval (ETA) from the WPC wing.

Wpc Registration

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