An Introduction To Lithium Marine Batteries

The lithium marine batteries have been becoming are becoming the future of batteries by leaving behind the traditional lead acid batteries. But it can be quite confusing for someone just starting out as they don’t know what to look for in a lithium battery, why it’s better to spend a few extra bucks on it and how to choose one and making these choices can be quite overwhelming. So, here is an introduction to the world of lithium marine batteries.

What is lithium marine batteries?

The lithium marine batteries are batteries that are designed to be used in boats to help the trolling motor a constant supply of power. These batteries are compact and lightweight. They are composed of lithium and iron phosphate that help it store the power and effectively deliver it without any fluctuations.

Although these batteries might be little costlier at front then lead-acid batteries but they do save money in the longer run and gives an amazing experience.

Why they are better then other type of batteries?

Most used batteries in the market are lead-acid whether its wet or dry they have certain problems that the lithium marine batteries had rectified and become the new star in the market. Here are three main areas where it’s better than the traditional batteries.

Steady supply of power

The battery that are traditionally do provide steady supply for few hours but they cannot provide the same amount of power because of their composition and the material they use, as a result the motor would endure some damage and one would need to repair it more often. Thus, the cost of maintenance of the boat would go up.

But one can avoid this cost by using lithium marine batteries that provide a constant supply for longest period of time and endure no damage thus saving money in the longer run.

Battery life

The average life of a lead-acid based battery is 3 years and after that they would be of no use and one had to buy a new battery every three years. This Is not the case with lithium marine batteries as they have an average life of 6 years and can go higher if maintained properly, thus one would buy two acid-based batteries in the meantime the lithium battery would still be in use. So, they are also cost effective in this area for the longer run.


The battery that based of lead and acid will require a good maintenance otherwise they wouldn’t last long or worse can be hazardous. But this Is not the case with lithium marine batteries as they don’t need much maintenance and have a pretty safe compared to other batteries available in the market.

How to choose the best battery?

Since it has been raised in popularity the number of companies manufacturing them has also created and it can be little for a beginner to know about everything, so here are few tips that the company must have.

More amp hour rating

The life of the battery after a single charge depends on the amp hour rating which tells the capability of teg battery to provide current. The more the amp hour rating the longer the current would last.

Good customer support

One needs a good customer service as it an electronic item and they would create some problem in the future to smoothly solve them.One only needs these details to get started with buying good lithium marine batteries and don’t get bogged down by technical terms.