Taking Care of Your Rolex Watch

Like a house, a Rolex watch is a lifetime financial investment. Like your residence, it’s a treasured component of your life, as well as you want to take appropriate treatment of it.

Unlike a house, which requires periodic replacements as well as repair services, your Rolex should operate flawlessly with minimal maintenance practically indefinitely. It’s a testament to the thorough style and inventive engineering of these beautiful watches.

That said a few little care techniques are crucial for maintaining your Rolex looking gorgeous as well as running efficiently, discover how to deal with your Rolex watch.

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You’ve purchased a Rolex the first and crucial task is to wind it:

  • Unscrew the winding crown, the dial on the guard’s right side, by transforming it counterclockwise. You will at some point feel it click, it’s in the winding placement.
  • To wind the watch, transform it clockwise. It’s recommended that you revolve it totally a minimum of 25 times.
  • Screw the crown back complex by pressing it in as well as transforming it clockwise. Make sure that it’s completely screwed in as well as not loosened, this maintains the watch’s water-resistant stability by forming a hermetic seal.

Once you have done this, wearing your Rolex watch every day will maintain it running efficiently, the motion of your wrist powers the winding device.

This is the renowned Oyster Continuous winding system that Rolex established in 1931. It takes knowledgeable master watch manufacturers many labor hours to hand-craft the parts that permit this device to function, as well as it is as tremendously elegant today as it was at that time.

If you don’t wear your Rolex for greater than 48 hours, it might require winding again. The actions coincide whenever you need to wind your watch, so simply follow the overview over.