The 6 Dos And Don’ts Of Small Business Insurance


As a small business owner, you understand how critical it is to have the right insurance coverage for your company. However, with all of the various types of insurance and policy options available, it can be difficult to determine where to begin looking.That’s why we’ve put together this list of the 6 dos and don’ts of the best small business insurance. Keep these tips in mind as you shop around, and you’ll be sure to find the coverage that’s right for your business.

#1. DO: Know What Types Of Insurance You Need

There are dozens of different types of insurance available, and it’s important to know which ones you need for your business. Property insurance will protect your office or store in the event of damage or theft, while liability insurance will protect you if someone is injured on your premises. Consider your business’s risks and needs when deciding which types of insurance to purchase.

#2. DON’T: Skimp On Coverage

It’s important to get enough insurance to protect your business, but don’t make the mistake of buying too much coverage. You don’t want to waste money on coverage you don’t need, so be sure to work with an experienced agent who can help you determine exactly how much coverage is right for your business.

#3. Do: Review Your Policy Regularly

Your business is always changing, so it’s important to review your insurance policy regularly to make sure it still meets your needs. If you’ve added new employees or moved to a new office, for example, you’ll need to update your policy accordingly. Be sure to contact your agent whenever any significant changes occur in your business.

#4. DON’T: Wait Until Something Happens To Buy Insurance

One of the worst mistakes you can make is waiting until something happens to buy insurance. If you wait until after your office has been burglarized or someone has been injured on your premises, it will be too late – your losses will not be covered. Buy insurance before something happens so you can rest assured knowing that your business is protected.

#5. DO: Compare Rates From Multiple Insurers

It’s always important to comparison shop, but it’s doubly important when you’re insuring your small business. Make sure to get quotes from multiple insurers before making your final decision.

#6. DON’T: Accept The First Quote You See

Just because you receive a quote from one insurer doesn’t mean it’s the best deal out there. Be sure to get quotes from several different insurers before making a decision. And if you’re not satisfied with the first few quotes you receive, don’t hesitate to keep shopping around – there are plenty of other insurers out there who may be willing to give you a better deal.


Shopping for small business insurance can be a daunting task – there are so many options available, and it can be tough to know where to start. But if you keep these 6 dos and don’ts in mind, you’ll be sure to find the coverage that’s right for your business at a price that fits within your budget. And remember, if you ever have any questions about small business insurance, our team is always here to help. Give us a call today!