Understanding Deeply Artificial Intelligence: A Comprehensive Overview

What is Artificial Intelligence? - GeeksforGeeksArtificial Intelligence has been changing various industries in groundbreaking ways. One industry that has not been left behind is writing. Whether we are writing a school essay, a professional report, or a social media post, we can all agree that at some point, putting pen to paper is such a tedious task. Enter Deeply- an artificial intelligence (umělá inteligence)-driven tool for writers. In this blog post, we will look into how Deeply works and explore its unique features that make it a game-changer in writing.


  1. How it Works

To use Deeply, one has to sign up and log in to their website. The user can choose between two options; Workbench and Generate. Workbench allows the user to start typing and see Deeply suggestion on what to write next. Generate, on the other hand, allows the user to input a topic and generate content from Deeply database. The user can then edit the content to fit their needs better.


  1. Unique Features

What sets Deeply apart from other writing tools in the market is its unique features. First, it has an idea generator that suggests ideas based on user input. This feature is particularly useful for content creators that frequently get writer’s block. Second, Deeply has a tone adjuster, which allows the user to set the tone of their content. Whether the user wants content with a friendly, corporate, or humorous tone, they can achieve this with just a few clicks. Third, Deeply has an auto-framing feature that helps the user generate content that fits within a given format. This feature is great for users who struggle with ensuring their content follows a specific structure.


  1. Tailored for Different Markets

Deeply understands that different markets require different writing styles. For this reason, they have different packages tailored to specific markets. For example, they have a package for real estate that generates descriptions of properties and one for authors that suggests character descriptions, dialogue, and scene setting. They also have packages for marketing, education, and communication.


  1. AI-Driven Suggestions

When typing on the Deeply platform, it is easy to notice that artificial intelligence is at work. The tool suggests words to complete the sentence being written and highlights grammatical errors, misspelled words, and unclear phrases. This results in content that is grammatically correct and pleasing to read. Moreover, the tool uses natural language processing, ensuring written content that is understandable and flows well.


  1. Integration with Other Platforms

Deeply can be integrated with other platforms such as Hubspot, Hootsuite, and Slack. This integration makes it easy for users to use Deeply on different platforms and get real-time alerts when new content is generated or when content needs editing.



In conclusion, Deeply is an excellent tool for anyone who writes regularly. Its unique features, tailored packages, and AI-driven suggestions make it stand out in a highly competitive market. It is easy to use, affordable, and can significantly reduce the time taken to write compelling content. Deeply has proven that artificial intelligence has a lot of potential when it comes to writing, and we can only expect more innovations in this field.