Come and go? New tech hubs are emerging, but Seattle is the most desirable city for college graduates

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As Seattle has established itself as a so-called “superstar” city among established tech hubs, recent reports and data sets shed light on how the pandemic has helped other US cities attract a growing share of tech talent.

A Brookings Institution report last week found that remote working has helped dispel the notion that all tech jobs should be concentrated in Seattle, the Bay Area, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Austin or Washington. DC

According to Brookings, a distribution of tech jobs is seen in emerging markets, including smaller cities, some of which the report refers to as “quality of life meccas” where amenities are critical, or “border cities” where tech work can take place. distance thanks to digital tools.

The intractable superstars, like Seattle, have stayed that way and still attract the most jobs, but LinkedIn data tracking the migration of tech workers shows the potential emergence of new hubs.

From February 2021 to January 2022, Miami saw the net flow of software and IT services jobs grow by 30%. Other sunny locations such as San Antonio, San Diego, Las Vegas, Orlando, Jacksonville and Houston were also in the top 10.

Perhaps some of those sunbathers moved out of Seattle, which at -17% was just ahead of Minneapolis (-18%) as the fastest-shrinking cities in inflow-outflow ratio, according to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn defines a migration instance as a member who changes their location on their LinkedIn profile.

Meanwhile, more data from Axios shows the potential for the Seattle area to replace anyone who might decide to take off. According to the Axios-Generation Lab Next Cities Index, which tracks rising U.S. work and culture trends through geographic preferences, Seattle is America’s most desirable postgraduate destination for college students.

Axios cites “superstar tech hub status, cool climate, green energy embrace, and music and arts scene” to help her eclipse destinations like New York, LA, Denver and Boston in the top five.

“It feels like a young city,” says a Virginia computer scientist who wants to move to Seattle.

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