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After taking the world and the internet by storm earlier this year, Wordle is now owned by the New York Times. And while it largely remains the same addictive game and productivity killer, your favorite Wordle archive just closed.

Since you can only play Wordle once a day, archives that give fans access to words from previous days are immensely popular. Unfortunately, it was fun while it lasted, because one of the most popular Wordle Archive websites that allowed users to play hundreds of previous daily Wordles was taken down at the NYT’s request.

Die-hard Wordle fans have been enjoying the archive since January, but now the site has a large message that reads, “Unfortunately, the New York Times has requested that the Wordle archive be removed.” And unfortunately this is where the fun ends.

ArsTechnica first saw the closure. However, keep in mind that it’s still easy to find several other sites that you can play around with the Wordle archive, but we have a feeling that some of those sites may close after this. A quick Google search shows that “wordle archive” is the most popular search term for the game, which makes sense for the new owner to shut it down and kill any competition.

It’s worth noting that the New York Times spent over $1 million to acquire the game, rights, and trademark, so they are well within their rights to shut down sites that profit from the game. That said, the company does not offer its own archive, which makes the situation even worse.

Perhaps the New York Times plans to eventually launch a Wordle Archive. Or maybe this is just the first of many shutdowns for archives, copycats, and alternatives trying to get a slice of the Wordle craze pie.

Regardless, it’s still a fun game worth playing. So give Wordle a try, find the best Wordle keywords and feel free to share your results on social media. Plus, we recommend checking out these Wordle alternatives today.

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